Managing back pain in pregnancy

Back pain is a common problem during pregnancy, affecting up to 80% of pregnant women. It can be caused by a variety of factors including weight gain, hormonal changes, and changes in your posture.

While back pain can be uncomfortable, there are ways to manage it to help reduce the impact it has on your daily activities.

Here are our top five ways to help you manage your back pain during pregnancy.

Rest and take breaks

One of the most important things to do when experiencing back pain during pregnancy is to take regular breaks throughout the day. This may mean taking more frequent breaks when standing or sitting for long periods or adjusting your work schedule, but it can be very beneficial. Maintaining good posture can be equally helpful, so try to keep your shoulders back, chest forward, and pelvis in a neutral position.

Gentle Exercise

Regular exercise can also help manage back pain during pregnancy. Low-impact exercises like walking, prenatal yoga and swimming can help strengthen the muscles in the back and reduce pain. It’s always worth a conversation with your doctor or midwife before starting any new exercise routine.

Heat or cold therapy

Another way to manage back pain during pregnancy is to use heat or cold therapy. A warm bath or shower can help relax the muscles in the back, while a cold compress can help reduce inflammation and swelling. Alternate between heat and cold therapy to see which works best for you.

Use maternity support pillows and belts

Maternity support pillows can help alleviate back pain as they provide additional support and help maintain good posture whilst you sleep. Once you enter the second trimester, your back pain may increase due to the weight of the baby. Support belts can help distribute this weight more evenly, helping to improve your balance and stabilise your pelvis which will help reduce your back pain.  


Osteopathy is another approach that can help manage back pain during pregnancy. It is safe, effective, and often recommended as a complementary therapy to other treatments.

Osteopaths use manual techniques to relieve pain and restore balance in the body. Gentle techniques such as stretching and soft tissue massage help release muscle tension and improve circulation to the affected areas. During pregnancy, osteopathy can help improve the alignment of the pelvis and spine, which can reduce the pressure on the lower back and alleviate the pain.

If you’d like to find out how osteopathy can help you during pregnancy, our team is always happy to explain and answer any questions. Book an appointment now at either our Sheerness or Sittingbourne location, and let us help manage your pregnancy back pain safely.