How mat-based Pilates works your entire body

In one of our previous posts, we explained what reformer Pilates is, the equipment needed and what apparatus we have at the Oast, and now is the time to learn a bit more about mat-based Pilates.

Joseph Pilates created mat Pilates to offer a way to work out and tone your body. At the Oast, we offer both reformer and mat-based Pilates, so depending on your experience, mobility and how you want to challenge yourself, you will find a class that works for you.

Mat Pilates, how does it work?

Mat-based Pilates works your core and muscles through a series of strengthening and lengthening exercises. With just a mat, your body, and a willingness to try new things, you too can benefit from mat Pilates. While doing exercises, your whole body will be engaged whilst targeting each muscle group in particular.

You will work out in different ways to target specific areas of your body than you can do through traditional sports. Pilates focuses more on smaller movements, focusing on keeping your core tight and breathing techniques.

Mat Pilates is a great choice for beginners, as you can get a great sense of how your body reacts to exercises and get a deeper feeling and understanding of your muscle capacity. The exercises are also suitable for more advanced students who want to challenge themselves.

Why get started with mat-based Pilates?

  1. Health benefits

Not only is mat-based Pilates useful to get toned and strengthen your muscles, practicing often can have beneficial effects on other aspects of your health, such as your focus and concentration. Adding an increased awareness of your body, stress management and injury prevention makes this a great activity to start if your objective is to find a physical activity that works for every level.

  • Can be adapted to any student

Moves in mat based Pilates can be adapted to every level. Modifications in the difficulty of a plank can be put in place to push yourself, and a smaller range of motion will help students in recovery from injuries. Every level of athletic ability can be achieved with the help of some modifications.

  • Works your entire body

Although the moves target one muscle group at a time, your core and other muscles work to keep your posture stable and safe, which in turn puts your entire body to work. A mat-based Pilates class will help you to feel every muscle working, and over just a few weeks you will see results across your whole body.

Pilates classes are available Monday to Saturday at the Oast in Sheppey. Whether you are a new mum looking for quality time with her baby in our Mum and Baby Pilates class, or looking for introductory sessions to start your journey with Pilates, we offer classes that will work for you. Find out more information and book your classes here.