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Osteopathy | Sports Massage | Medical Acupuncture | Pilates
In Sheppey & Sittingbourne, Kent.

Enjoy Exercise & Activities Again


Restore Your
Quality of Life

Has Pain Got You Missing Out On The Things You Love?

We understand how frustrating it is to live with pain and feel like you can't do the things you want to, it can leave you feeling miserable.

But, here’s the thing. You shouldn’t have to live with pain or restricted movement. We’ve helped thousands of patients get back to doing the things they love.

What Our Clients Say

"I went to The Oast with lower back pain, shoulder and elbow pain (quite a unique issue in the elbow) but in just an hour's treatment I came away feeling so much better and today I feel even better still. Highly recommend"

Donna Smith 

At The Oast our fully qualified practitioners have (add number) years' experience helping patients young and old to understand their pain and develop a self-management plan that gives them back the freedom to live their best life.

We Treat

Back and Neck Pain

Including sciatica and referred pain

Headaches & Sinus Pain

Including neuralgia

Rheumatic & Arthritic Pain

Can be treated

Pregnancy Symptoms

Nausea, heartburn, backache & pubic pain


Frozen shoulder, spondylosis & tension pains


Including tennis and golfer's elbow

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back Any Longer

  • 1 Book a personalised consultation with our Osteopaths in Sheppey or Sittingbourne clinics. We'll listen to you and share our expert knowledge, so you'll fully understand the root cause of your pain
  • 2 Together we'll develop a manageable recovery plan and start your treatment straight away.
  • 3 Regain your freedom and get back to doing what you love.

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✨Over the last few days it’s almost felt too hot to move… not that I’m complaining about the sun! We are thankful for these days and let’s face it in the UK this could have been our Summer 🤣
But staying mobile when all you want to do is sit in a ice bath or by the fan can be challenging.
Here’s some tips to staying mobile in the heat.
🌞 Exercise in the Morning or evening when it’s cooler.
🌞Drink plenty if water… hydration is even more important.
🌞Exercise doesn’t have to be intense, gentle mobility sessions such as stretch and release is enough to keep you mobile on the hotter days.
🌞 little and often is the key most days to staying mobile but when it’s hot you’ll find this is more helpful- break your workout into 2 sessions morning and evening or if you are just focusing on being mobile take your regular breaks to move throughout the day - to be fair it’s one is for everyone day whatever the weather!
✨ Our online package has a section with mini movement sessions with shorter workouts of 10-20 mins perfect for the warmer days!
✨And you get a FREE 7 day trial!
Pop over to our website to book your subscription - link in the bio.
Come join us online or in the Studio.
🧘🏽Pilates- Yoga-Mindfulness

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✨ Busy morning in the studio tomorrow.
1 space tomorrow morning 10am matwork with Louise.
Book your place online link in bio.

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Still people think that all we do is backs (and feet for some reason 🤔)
✨Osteopathy is holistic treatment that addresses the imbalances of the mechanics of the body be it bones, muscles, ligaments, connective tissues etc and corrects them. This can result in:
✔️ better posture and movement patterns.
✔️ pain relief
✔️better function if the bodies systems,, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular etc
✔️ better sleep
To affect these Osteopaths work on the whole of your body from head to toe.is you come to the Osteopath with pain in an area they won’t just work on that area they will work an everything that affects it and the compensations that the injury has created throughout the body.
✨For example: if you have a sprained ankle, you will probably walk differently, your stride will be different and therefore the knees hips and low back will be altered, the body is happy with this for a short while but over prolonged periods this will change muscle function and can lead to pain and discomfort.
This back pain can remain in long after the ankle has healed.
Our job is to unwind the changes and restore balance back to the body.
If you want to know more, book your phone call with an osteopaths to discuss how we can help you,

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💚 Myofascial release.
What is it?
✨Fascia is the connective tissue that runs continuously through your body from the tip of your fingers to the tip of your toe.
✨Think of it like cling film holding everything in its place, I mean your stomach isn’t anti gravity so somethings holding it up out your pelvis!
✨So it also attaches to every muscle, bone ligament and tendon.
✨Meaning that simply just stretching a muscle may not be enough especially if the fascia around it needs loosening too.
✨Fascia is even more important as it contains a network of nerves and blood vessels.
✨Fascia needs to be gently nourished and gradually stretched.
✨Trigger point work can release deep tension in a muscle but it can also inflame the fascia so less aggressive techniques are used to target the fascia.
✔️ We’ve put all these techniques together in our myofascial release class using bands, soft rollers and prickle balls to loosen your fascia leaving you feel taller, looser and much more mobile.
💚This class is pay as you go and on our timetable Wednesdays at 8.15pm.
Book your place online...

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✔️Fully stocked - resistance bands.
Light medium or heavy.
✨It’s useful to have a selection.
Each band can have a double use..
✅ Light bands are great for rehab on injured muscle groups to start activating them, then move us the resistance as you get stronger.
✅ Heavier bands can help your stabilise during your movements as you begin and as you get stronger you move down the resistance to eventually not needing any support.
How do you use yours?

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Living with Pain is no good for your physical or mental health.
It can leave you feeling restricted in things you can do in daily life, restrict your training or exercise and significantly affect your mood leaving you unmotivated and negative.
▪️There are lots of self help techniques for dealing with muscle and join injuries, however a diagnosis will improve the help you give yourself.
✅Osteopathy can diagnose muscular skeletal pains and injuries and advise treatment plans.
✅Sport’s massage therapists can aid the healing process of your muscular injuries.

Here are some tips if things to do to help an injury recover.
✔️ Rest but don’t sit still. Gently walking or movement will help the control of inflammation and muscle function.
✔️ Ice packs if there is visible swelling or redness, also a good idea after a bit if light exercise. Ice gels can also help here.
✔️ assess the reason the injury happened and see if you can prevent it happening again.
✔️ when returning to training ease back in.
✔️As your injury recovers strengthening exercises will help - you just need to know the correct ones

👍🏻 We have a team on hand to assess, diagnose advise and treat your injuries.
🙌🏻 Get back to doing what you love by managing your injuries and getting the best treatment plan.

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💚Mental health awareness week.
How are you checking in with yourself at the moment?
✔️Your body responds to the signals your mind sends it so happy head means happy body.
💚Happiness is different to everyone and it’s important to recognise what makes your head space clear and positive.
✔️Learn to filter what is good and discard, walk away from and ignore the things that don’t make you happy.

I feel the pressures of working to keep everyone happy (only pressure put in myself) and have often been guilty of putting myself last, where this is very noble it’s doesn’t look after my own health and doesn’t serve anyone well.
A few tips to look after your mental health:
✔️ Create you time every day.
✔️ Analyse what really makes you happy and prioritise this.
✔️say no to something that doesn’t fit your journey to happiness and release the feeling of any guilt.
This can sound so simple to say but some of us have to work harder on our journey to happiness and learn how to let go of negative feelings.
Give yourself a guilt free day if any decisions you make... see how this can make you feel!

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Osteopathy & Sports Therapy In Sheppey

Open Monday - Friday.

On-site free parking, please remember to enter your car registration number at reception or the bar for your free parking. The treatment room is located outside the gym entrance. Use the main reception entrance and follow the corridor all the way round to the gym.

Osteopathy, Massage, Pilates & Yoga In Sittingborne.

Open Monday - Saturday

Our Sittingbourne Clinic offers a multiple-discipline wellness facility.  Including Osteopathy, sports massage, sports therapy, Pilates, equipment Pilates, yoga, relaxation and nutrition.