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Your wellbeing in safe hands

Osteopathy | Sports Massage | Medical Acupuncture | Pilates
In Sheppey & Sittingbourne, Kent.

Enjoy Exercise & Activities Again


Restore Your
Quality of Life

Has Pain Got You Missing Out On The Things You Love?

We understand how frustrating it is to live with pain and feel like you can't do the things you want to, it can leave you feeling miserable.

But, here’s the thing. You shouldn’t have to live with pain or restricted movement. We’ve helped thousands of patients get back to doing the things they love.

What Our Clients Say

"I went to The Oast with lower back pain, shoulder and elbow pain (quite a unique issue in the elbow) but in just an hour's treatment I came away feeling so much better and today I feel even better still. Highly recommend"

Donna Smith 

At The Oast our fully qualified practitioners have (add number) years' experience helping patients young and old to understand their pain and develop a self-management plan that gives them back the freedom to live their best life.

We Treat

Back and Neck Pain

Including sciatica and referred pain

Headaches & Sinus Pain

Including neuralgia

Rheumatic & Arthritic Pain

Can be treated

Pregnancy Symptoms

Nausea, heartburn, backache & pubic pain


Frozen shoulder, spondylosis & tension pains


Including tennis and golfer's elbow

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back Any Longer

  • 1 Book a personalised consultation with our Osteopaths in Sheppey or Sittingbourne clinics. We'll listen to you and share our expert knowledge, so you'll fully understand the root cause of your pain
  • 2 Together we'll develop a manageable recovery plan and start your treatment straight away.
  • 3 Regain your freedom and get back to doing what you love.

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✨Movement is medicine!
💃🏻In the absence of injury movement creates movement.
🧘🏽Where there is injury movement brings more blood to the joint which stimulates healing.
✔️The right movements for you can bring big benefits.
Here are some general things you can do to look after your joints…
✨ Take a daily walk
✨Spend 20 minutes stretching each day
✨ build strength with some resistance band exercises or light weights a few times a week
✨Experience new sports and continue the ones you enjoy.

🙏🏻For a specific plan based on your body’s needs come and speak to your therapist.

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💖We love helping, and it so lovely to hear the amazing feedback!
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We are here for you at the weekend too!
If you need our help don't forget to check our Saturday appointments.
With Osteopaths and Massage therapists available at our Sittingbourne and Sheppey Clinic

Book online for Sittingbourne here: https://oast.janeapp.co.uk/locations/the-oast-osteopathy/book
Book online for Sheppey here: https://oast.janeapp.co.uk/locations/the-shurland/book

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✨Why us?
✔️We understand that your body and your injury is unique to you.
✔️So we create a treatment plan that is unique to you.
✔️We listen to everything about you and your concerns and make sure your treatment fits you and your lifestyle.
✔️We have a full team of therapists all working to get you to where you want to be.
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❔How bendy stretchy are you?
✨Do you practice flexibility regularly.
✨if you experience tightness in some of your joints it’s advised that you spend 20 mins each day working on improving your flexibility.
✨ Your practitioner can advise which exercises are best for you.
⚠️Did you know that some people can be too bendy in some joints!
✨We also work with people with hyper mobility issues.
✨These people used to embrace their body and use it to perform some special party tricks in their youth but as they are getting into their adult lives they realise that the lack of stability can actually cause problems including pain.
✨ Sometimes it’s just one or two joints that are affected and for others it’s part of a condition that covers many joints.
✨Our team will help you with an exercise plan to support what ever your body needs.

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❔What can you do after a treatment❓

At the end of any treatment the practitioners should give you some take home advice.
But if you were just feeling so euphoric and relieved after the treatment that you forgot what we said here are some basic pointers:

👉🏻 Don't over exert yourself, the hard work now is to not undo anything we have just released
👍🏻 Do go home and do your exercises we have suggested in a pain free movement
☝🏻 If it is a little sore in areas you could try cold therapy like, ice/peas/biofreeze
🤙🏻 Call us if you have any queries about how you feel after, we are happy to answer any questions

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😁What a smile!!
Having your first massage and loving it!

👶🏻 Osteopathy for All!
💆🏻‍♀️ Cranial Osteopathy is a safe and effective treatment for all ages.
Comments from parents include
✨‘She slept so well after her treatment’
✨‘We spend less time settling him’
✨‘finally a big poo!’
✔️ There are lots of things our team can help with for mums and babies.
✔️ Book your initial assessment online today, your Osteopathy will assess, offer treatment and advice within your session.
✨ Or, If you’d like to know more about how we could help you or your little one. Book your FREE phone call to discuss.

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Osteopathy & Sports Therapy In Sheppey

Open Monday - Friday.

On-site free parking, please remember to enter your car registration number at reception or the bar for your free parking. The treatment room is located outside the gym entrance. Use the main reception entrance and follow the corridor all the way round to the gym.

Osteopathy, Massage, Pilates & Yoga In Sittingborne.

Open Monday - Saturday

Our Sittingbourne Clinic offers a multiple-discipline wellness facility.  Including Osteopathy, sports massage, sports therapy, Pilates, equipment Pilates, yoga, relaxation and nutrition.